Top 10 Indie Games to Play on Nintendo Switch in 2019 And 2020

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We’ve made a list of stunning indie titles announced by Nintendo. Some of them are available at the moment, and others are coming by the end of 2019. There are also a couple of games worth your attention expected in 2020.

It all began with a great idea of Nintendo to add smaller titles to its hybrid console. All the games on our list can be played on a TV screen and on-the-go, providing bright and straightforward indie graphics. What else should you expect from the games developed by individuals or small independent companies? Such creative teams are usually established to create one specific game, but it does not mean they are not professionals. The result can be exciting, with a lot of new fresh ideas. Typically, such games are much smaller compared with mainstream products, but they usually contain innovative features, and that is attractive.

Games Worth Mentioning

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami game screenshot

Hotline Miami is the first game on our list. They say that this title is lacking in depth. But we would say that this is a perfect brawler considering to be one of the most expected titles this fall. As any brawler, it should not be too deep. It is ultra-violent with a lot of challenges. When you start it, you will hardly be able to put it on hold. Yes, the game is hugely addictive and strange with its narrative weirdness. We would not recommend it for young players because of adult-oriented content and violence.

The world of Hotline Miami is dark as a night without the moon in the sky. The crunchy soundtrack and neon graphics complement the gameplay. Aggressive killing without interruption is the key concept of the game.


Superhot game screenshot

This game looks like nothing else; that is why we recommend everybody to expand their gaming experience with it. It is made as a fast-paced first-person shooter with elements of a puzzler. Full of big ideas, it delivers a minimalistic plot and well-done mechanics. You will navigate an essential character trying to kill the enemies. Every time you move, the opponents around move also, but they do it even faster. If you stand still, they move slowly. Such an approach allows you to forecast the moves of your enemy and always to stay one jump ahead if you are smart enough.

Here you will get tense puzzles when you can dodge bullets making a single step. It may last a fraction of a second. You should time your movements perfectly to disarm the enemies. We warn you that you will die a lot at the beginning until you master this strategy. Though the levels are short and restartable. Here every situation is particular. You will be offered various weapons and new abilities.


Sparklite game screenshot

If you like Zelda, you will definitely enjoy playing its lookalike, Sparklite. Here you will find stunning pixel art and colorful dungeons with a top-down perspective. The title is an adventure brawler being fun and not too harsh. Everyone will be able to play it and complete levels. The plot is simple. When you start, you hear a mysterious voice calling out to the key character you are going to navigate. Here name is Ada and she is the one to crash lands on a strange continent. You will battle against foes applying various guns, gadgets, and gear, explore the procedurally generated world.

The key mission is to save the Sparklite, as you have probably guessed. If you die, the continent changes shape, and you get a new environment to explore the next time. The adventures here are not too long, and that is also charming. There is no need to know all game, just learn the gameplay of the current moment and enjoy.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 game screenshot

Risk of Rain 2 is a multiplayer roguelike with a lot of challenging actions. You can play solo also, but when you team up with up to three friends, you get a much deeper experience. You will fight with tons of monsters and unlock new loot. But remember, your key task is to escape from the planet. Looking for the ways to do it, you will explore the 3D world around. The more you play, the better you understand your opponents and learn patterns of their reactions and behavior.

Though, you should know that a unique scaling system is used here to increase both your and enemies’ powers during playing.

Creature in the Well

Creature in the Well game screenshot

Creature in the Well is a hack-and-slash action-RPG. Though, the developer refers to this title as a pitbrawler, meaning that the key character uses pinball-inspired mechanics. You will navigate BOT-C, a robotic engineer maintaining a weather machine built into a mountain. It is intended to protect the town Mirage from the sandstorms usual for this area. But there is a Creature which breaks the machine. Your task is to repair the equipment, but it is not as easy as it seems because the Creature set the traps around to stop you. It also provides other threats which must be deactivated.

The pinball-focused rooms provide you with a lot of intellectual tests, but still playing is not too difficult. The title is well-structured and teaches the player without a tutorial. Unfortunately, sometimes, you need it. For instance, you have no idea how to heal, and the lack of this information may leave you confused. But you will enjoy the diversity of the gameplay and its clear mechanics.


EarthNight game screenshot

Both a 2D platformer and a classic arcade game, this epic title tells the story about the Earth after dragon apocalypse. Now humans have to live in the space above the planet while the dragons invade their home. You will navigate the main character on a planet-saving mission. The choice is provided: a girl Sydney or a freelance photographer with a beard, Stanley. Anyway, they will return to the planet to kill the dragons. But the skills and choices of those two characters differ. We would say that Sydney is more complicated technically, being able to perform cool movements like double-jumps, while Stanley is more straightforward.

The heroes, completely unprotected, will land on the back of the beast, jump, and take leaps off the heads of enemies they meet while running. You are not expected to memorize entire dragons and master your skills. Dragons are procedurally crafted using 350 well-designed “chunks.” In general, the game is well-done and has a lovely design.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition game screenshot

This game is available on the Switch store now, so don’t miss it. We expect it to be great playing on the go. This is a single-player 2D side-scroller. There are a lot of graphical effects here, bright colors and beautiful fantasy illustrations. Even on the smaller screen, it will look gorgeous. Though you will have fun playing it, it’s definitely difficult. Navigating the key character, you will get new abilities along the way. You can even backtrack to pick up something useful if you have missed it. It is important to find all secrets, which is a vital part of the game.

The main character is a glowy mouse-thing known as Ori. It is trying to return the better joyful times. It performs its mission together with another floating orb called Sein. The idea is simple but beautifully presented, and new sections are added from time to time; that is why you will play with pleasure and interest.

Freedom Finger

Freedom Finger game screenshot

Freedom Finger is an airplane shooter of the R-Type. There are 36 levels of various difficulties accompanied by perfect music. You will navigate a space pilot of a fist-shaped ship, Gamma Ray, which will complete his mission to save lunar scientists kidnapped by terrorists. You get involved in crazy cartoon action flying a mechanical hand shooting out of its middle finger when it meets monsters and other enemies. Such classic gameplay is compensated with melee combat, unique Grab attack, and various unique abilities. You will toss, punch, capture, and smash the enemies with that mechanical hand. You can also enhance it with power-ups.

Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever game screenshot

This title is dedicated to dogs and dates, and dog dates, being a rather great dating simulator. You will learn how to raise and pet dogs and do your best to find true love. You will navigate the main character who leaves for Rainbow Bay to start a new life. The city is full of colors and adventures. Here you will adopt a dog and go everywhere together. But the most interesting part of the title is to communicate with potential partners and decide which one is your perfect soulmate. There is a sandbox mode where you are suggested to care for your dog only. The game is full of sweet humor and funny scenes.

Skater XL

Skater XL game screenshot

You should try this skateboarding sim as there aren’t many skateboarding games on the market. The title boasts of its realistic physics, and that is why it draws interest. The experts say it is a real evolution in skateboarding games. Here you are offered to apply unparalleled board control being very accurate and responsive. You are able to style the tricks as you like. Change all movements starting from the way you flip the board.

The game allows you to connect to a virtual board to the fullest extent. In general, its fundamental goal is to provide users with freedom and enable them to do any tricks they want. You will master them, make mistakes, and get a realistic response, which corresponds to the sport.

Choose Your Indie Title

We believe that the above list contains the fascinating indie games or at least those which are among the most exciting titles of this year. If you are interested, we offer you to share the article with your friends and leave your comments on the content below.


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