A New Twist on the Iconic Bubble Head Nurse: An Analysis of Masahiro Ito's Remake Concept Art for Silent Hill 2

Elijah Thornton


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For survival horror fans, Silent Hill has long been a beloved and iconic series. After years of rumors and speculation, Konami finally announced a slew of Silent Hill projects planned for 2023, including a remake of the fan-favorite Silent Hill 2. Now, concept art for the remake released by the original artist Masahiro Ito has been unveiled, showcasing a new take on the iconic Bubble Head Nurse enemy design.

The artwork details the reinvented Bubble Head Nurse, with some minor cosmetic differences from the version featured originally. Most noticeably, the Nurse now wears heels with ankle straps as opposed to flat shoes, and she sports stockings and garters as opposed to being barelegged. Other than that, the design looks almost exactly like the original, which launched with Silent Hill 2.

Ito himself has commented on the artwork, stating that the slide reversed the image and can be seen as a hint to the direction the game will take. Despite the minor changes to the design, the Bubble Head Nurse is likely to feature as a manifestation of a tormented conscience in the remake, following the original's story. Bloober Team is staying conscious of the fact that Silent Hill 2 is one of the franchise's most well-received entries, and as such, any changes to the game will be made with caution. 

The rumors about a Silent Hill revival have been pervasive for many years, and fans were especially excited about the long-anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2. After the cancelation of Silent Hills, fans of the series may be feeling wary of any potential changes to the games, so Bloober Team's decision to stay close to the original design for the Bubble Head Nurse enemy is the right one, ensuring the continued legacy of the beloved survival horror classic. 

In conclusion, Masahiro Ito's concept art for the remake of Silent Hill 2 is a wonderfully eerie and accurate representation of the iconic Bubble Head Nurse enemy. Despite the minor changes, the design is staying faithful to the original game's story, and the Bloober Team's commitment to respecting the legacy of the series is encouraging. As more details arise about the Silent Hill 2 remake, fans of the series will have a lot to look forward to.


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