Avowed Development Studio Strengthens Team with Narrative Designer Zoe Franznick

Elijah Thornton


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Avowed, a new first-person RPG from Obsidian Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios, recently added narrative designer Zoe Franznick to its team. Franznick is an experienced game designer who has held various positions at Ubisoft, and she brings her unique talents and experience to the ambitious project.

Avowed is set in the world of Eora, the same world featured in Obsidian’s popular Pillars of Eternity franchise. Players will explore an open-world environment filled with characters and stories, and Franznick will be responsible for crafting these storylines and characters. She will be working closely with the development team to ensure that the game captures the world’s atmosphere and that it creates an engaging narrative.

Franznick is no stranger to game design and storytelling. She has been involved with several AAA titles, including Assassin’s Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, as well as smaller indie projects such as Shades of Deep Water. Her experience and expertise in narrative design will be invaluable in helping Avowed create a memorable and captivating game world.

Avowed is set to be Obsidian’s biggest project yet, and Franznick’s addition to the team is a sign that the studio is serious about creating an immersive and engaging experience. With her help, the team can bring the world of Eora to life in stunning detail and make Avowed an unforgettable RPG.

Zoe Franznick has a wealth of experience in game design and storytelling, and she is sure to make a great addition to the Avowed development team. Her contributions to the project will help to make the game a unique and captivating experience, and players can look forward to exploring a rich and detailed world crafted by Franznick’s skillful hand.


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