Avowed's Combat Promises to Pack a Punch After Obsidian Responds to Feedback

Gabriel Lockhart


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When Obsidian Entertainment teased an extensive look at their new title, Avowed, the reception was mixed with anticipation and criticism alike. The showcased gameplay presented a vibrant, immersive world expected from the creators of the beloved Pillars of Eternity series. Yet some fans expressed concerns, particularly regarding combat—an element integral to Avowed's gameplay—which appeared to lack the fervor and force coveted by RPG enthusiasts. The feedback was noticed, however, and Obsidian is firmly committed to honing its craft.

Addressing the concerns, Carrie Patel, Avowed's game director, recently joined the discussion on the Dropped Frames podcast. She acknowledged the feedback and confirmed that the team is actively tweaking the combat systems of the game. Patel revealed that the footage under scrutiny was captured from an older build and assured that the development team had already made significant strides beyond what was shown. This transparency from Obsidian is a heartening sign, illustrating a commitment to authenticity and openness during the game’s development process.

Ongoing development is a complex dance of advancement and refinement. In assurance to fans, Patel reiterated that the combat system's responsiveness and impactfulness were very much a work in progress and that improvements were being actively integrated. The dismay surrounding the battles' lack of dynamism shown in the footage was echoed within the development team and recognized as an important aspect to get just right, especially given the statement from Obsidian that pacifist playthroughs would not be an option for this combat-centric adventure.

Given the timeframe until Avowed's projected release date, there is ample opportunity for fine-tuning. The gaming community often speaks out about the "polish" of games, and for a studio of Obsidian's repute, player expectations are justifiably high. The anticipation for Avowed is paired with the hope that the final product will live up to the evocative and engaging experiences Obsidian has delivered in the past. The progress that can occur over several weeks—or months—of development can be staggering, especially when a developer is attentive to community feedback.

While constructive criticism is an essential aspect of the creative process, so too is the patience to let the art take shape. In Obsidan's hands, Avowed's combat is poised to rise to the occasion, morphing initial concerns into triumphs of game design. Players would do well to keep faith in Obsidian; after all, the proof will be in the play. As Autumn draws near, fans will eagerly await the heralded improvements, ready to step into an enchanting world of fantasy that promises to be as thrilling as it is aesthetically rich.


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