Fortnite Enhances Player Safety with Voice Reporting Feature for In-Game Abuse

Elijah Thornton


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In a significant step towards combating in-game harassment, Epic Games has rolled out a new voice reporting tool for Fortnite, its popular battle royale game. This innovative feature is designed to help players document and report toxic behavior by capturing voice chats. 

The voice reporting system is particularly focused on protecting younger players. For individuals under the age of 18, the feature is enabled by default, ensuring that their interactions within the game are monitored for safety. This proactive approach reflects the company's commitment to fostering a secure gaming environment for all its players, especially minors who may be more vulnerable to negative experiences online.

For adult players, Epic Games offers a degree of flexibility with the new tool. Those over 18 can tailor the voice reporting settings to their preference. The options available within the game’s main settings include "Always On," which records every voice chat the player is involved in, and "Off When Possible," which turns off the recording feature in Party Channels when playing with friends, provided everyone in the channel agrees to this setting.

The introduction of the voice reporting tool comes as the gaming industry continues to grapple with issues of online harassment and toxicity. By allowing players to submit audio evidence, Epic Games aims to streamline the reporting process and provide moderators with concrete proof of misconduct, leading to more effective enforcement of community guidelines and a better gaming experience for everyone involved.

Epic Games' latest update to Fortnite with the voice reporting feature marks a significant stride in safeguarding the game's community from abusive behavior. It empowers players to play an active role in maintaining a respectful and enjoyable gaming environment. As the company continues to innovate in the realm of online safety, the gaming community will undoubtedly watch closely to see the impact of these measures on the overall health of the online ecosystem.


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