Life is Strange: Double Exposure Trailer Highlights Safi

Charlotte Whitmore


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The eagerly anticipated follow-up to Square Enix’s popular game, Life is Strange, is set to be launched later this year. Titled Life is Strange: Double Exposure, the action picks up several years after the original game. This time, protagonist Max Caulfield is attending Caledon University in Vermont and forming new associations, including one with an individual named Safi. 

Exploring Safi's unique character and her relationship with Max is part of the new game trailer. Known fully as Safiya Llewellyn-Fayyad, she is described as an empathetic poet who is determined to coax Max out of her shell. Tragedy strikes when Safi unexpectedly faces a fatal assault, prompting the re-emergence of Max's ability to manipulate time. However, this time around, she discovers a different dimension where Safi is still alive, but the assailant is still a threat. Using her capacity to shift timelines, Max aims to unravel the perplexing circumstances surrounding her friend's demise. An interesting detail is that Safi is confirmed to be the offspring of Caledon's president, Yasmin, although it's not yet apparent how this will feature in the narratives.

The release date for Life is Strange: Double Exposure is set for October 29th. This will be accessible for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC users, with availability for those on Nintendo Switch set to follow at a later date. Although it won't support save transfer, the game will consider the conclusions of the initial game, giving gamers the liberty to pick their favourite outcome at the onset.


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