Unlocking the Meridian Handgun in Remnant 2: A Detailed Pathfinder's Guide

Elijah Thornton


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Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt within the murky depths of Losomn to claim the powerful Meridian Handgun in Remnant 2. This coveted weapon isn't what it seems, doubling as a formidable grenade launcher. Follow this guide closely, unravel the mysteries, and secure this unique armament for your arsenal.

Step 1: Navigate to the Sewage Areas of Losomn

Navigate to the Sewage Areas of Losomn

The quest for the Meridian Handgun begins in the dank and dreary sewers underneath the bustling city of Losomn. Prime locations to commence your search include:

  • The Great Sewers
  • Tiller's Rest
  • Harvester's Reach
  • The Forgotten Commune

Among these, The Great Sewers offers the best odds for a successful hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for secret rooms tucked away behind inconspicuous blockages.

Step 2: Seek Out Hidden Pathways

The Meridian Handgun lies beyond impediments such as shafts and barrels. These obstructions often camouflage a concealed tunnel entrance. Examine the area for partially visible upper sections that betray the presence of such secret pathways.

Step 3: Clear the Path

Clear the Path

Once you spot the telltale signs of a hidden room, use your weapons to clear away the debris blocking your way. Precision and patience will serve you well here as you uncover the entrance to the tunnel that leads to your quarry.

Step 4: Trigger the Mechanism

Upon reaching the tunnel's end, a pipe encased with white-orange sludge awaits on the left. Unleash your firepower to cleanse the pipe, initiating the flow of water that will fill the sewers. Note that this process unfolds over 90 minutes of real-time gameplay, so engage in other explorations while you wait. Do not stray too far from the location or reset the map, as doing so will undo your progress.

Step 5: Ride the Rising Tide

As the waters swell, keep watch for platforms to emerge. In the context of The Great Sewers, two such platforms arise on the right, leading to another tunnel passage. This is where you'll encounter the Meridian Handgun. Patience is key; let the rising waters reveal the path forward.

Step 6: Platform Perilously

Platform Perilously

The latter half of the sewer is inundated, with wooden platforms offering safe passage across the deadly waters. Calculated leaps from platform to platform are essential. Move with precision, for any misstep into the water spells instant doom.

Step 7: Claim Your Prize

After carefully navigating the reclaimed area, you will finally reach the bounty of your treacherous journey - the Meridian Handgun. Now, within your grasp, this powerful grenade launcher will be a testament to your determination and skillful exploration within Remnant 2's enigmatic world.

With the Meridian Handgun secured you're well-equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead. Use this guide as your beacon through the twisting sewers, and may your aim be true as you wield your new explosive companion.


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