The Elusive Ascendant Midas: How to Find Him in Fortnite

Elijah Thornton


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As the Fortnite saga continues to unfold with its ever-expanding storyline and character roster, players find themselves in yet another exciting hunt. This time, it's for the legendary figure who once seemingly vanished into the depths of The Underworld, only to emerge with newfound power and mystique — Ascendant Midas. For those who have eagerly awaited the return of this iconic character, your patience has been rewarded. In this article, we delve into where and how you can find Ascendant Midas, the change he's undergone, and the implications his presence has on your gameplay in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2.

Deciphering Midas's New Dwelling: The Marigold Yacht

Deciphering Midas's New Dwelling The Marigold Yacht

The quest to find Ascendant Midas will lead you to a place that's as opulent as the character himself — the Marigold Yacht. Nestled on the western shores between the cryptic realms of The Underground and the verdant grass biomes, his vessel awaits with promises of old fortunes. The yacht is conspicuous, but Midas's affinity for the sundeck at the rear of the ship means you might need some keen observation to spot him. Here's a quick guide to pinpointing his exact location:

  • Set your sights on the western part of the island, the precise spot on the map where the oceanic breeze meets the land.
  • Eyes on the horizon, look for the grand silhouette of the Marigold Yacht, unmissable with its grandeur.
  • Board the ship and navigate towards the rear; this is where Ascendant Midas prefers to muse over his domain.
  • Note that he's a roamer, so keep your eyes peeled as he wanders around the area.

Engaging with Ascendant Midas: Vendor Services

Upon finding Ascendant Midas, many would wonder what the next step should be. Unlike his previous iterations, the gold-obsessed king doesn't pose a threat as a formidable boss. Instead, he's reinvented himself as a friendlier NPC who's willing to trade. Players can approach him to purchase items or leverage his services including:

Engaging with Ascendant Midas Vendor Services

  • An Epic rarity Drum Gun, which Midas will part with for 300 gold bars — a worthy investment for firepower enthusiasts.
  • The Patch Up service he offers for 100 gold bars can also be a game-changer, replenishing your all-important health.

This change in dynamics means you’re free to interact with Midas without the fear of a fight. Gear up or patch up; the choices at your disposal can potentially sway the course of your ensuing battle.

Allegiance with the Golden Strategist: To Engage or Not

With the knowledge that Ascendant Midas isn't the adversary he once was, players are faced with a strategic decision. While taking him down won’t yield a Mythic Drum Gun, as many may have anticipated, an elimination does guarantee a Blue rarity Drum Gun — a respectable weapon with which to commence your skirmish. Whether you consider this potential loot worth the intricacy of a combat encounter is up to your discretion. Evaluating your current inventory, your need for additional firepower, and the likelihood of conflict with other players searching for Midas are all considerations to ponder.

Midas's Return: An Evolution of Character and Gameplay

Midas's Return An Evolution of Character and Gameplay

The reintroduction of Midas as Ascendant Midas is more than a mere callback to a fan-favorite character; it signifies the subtle intricacies Fortnite embeds within its gaming landscape. The character's evolution from an end boss to a mere merchant NPC reflects the game's fluid nature and the developers' intent to keep the gameplay fresh and unpredictable. For loyal fans and newcomers alike, Midas’s yacht could be a pivotal point in their map navigation, resource acquisition, and overall strategy, laying the groundwork for that coveted Victory Royale.

Final Thoughts: The Midas Touch in Fortnite’s Chapter 5, Season 2

The apparition of Ascendant Midas is a storyteller's dream, a character arc full of twists and captivating lore. Finding him could very well be your golden ticket to success or a mere stopover in your journey through the island. Whether you're in it for the Epic Drum Gun, the healing services, or the thrill of meeting a legend of the game, the Marigold Yacht, with its enigmatic owner, promises an experience that’s uniquely Fortnite. Secure your spot on the island, find Midas, and make history — golden history.


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