Tips and Strategies in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Guide

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The main purpose of the game is creating your own camp for animals. They can attend your Campsite if you make it comfortable for them. They will visit you if you could befriend them by creating furniture which they would like and fulfilling their requests.

By the seventh level, you can invite every animal to your camp and continue completing their expects. You can increase your friendships to the 20th level. For achieving this goal, you will need to create Amenities. Amenities and furniture are crafted by the order from Cyrus in the game’s Crafting menu (on the main toolbar between Items and Map). The pieces of furniture animals can ask are tables, chairs, bookcases, etc. that can be placed in two central squares of the campsite. Fulfill and decorate the space around you not only for attracting animals but also for making it cozier.

Amenities are located in the back part of your campsite behind the furniture sections via the tent icon and have a shape of the big tent or other structures. At the start of the game, you have a Basic Tent Amenity. To build more Amenities open Crafting menu and choose a tent icon on the right side. You should know that Amenities are more expensive than other parts of furniture. It expects numerous of resources and Essences such as Cotton for building and also several days for completing construction. 

What do Amenities Do?

Do you have a question why should you spend all Bells and resources only for one point? Amenities have plenty of advantages. Firstly, when the Amenity will be built, and the structures will be ready, the animals can visit the unveiling party and bring to you five friendship points (Look, points, not levels). But the most significant benefit is raising to the top of the animals’ friendship level. The level seven is the highest level of friendship you can achieve with any animal at the beginning of the game. There no sense in earning additional points at your seventh level until you begin building Amenities. 

There are several types of animals – Cool, Cute, Natural, and Sporty and special for every kind of them there are relative types of Amenities. If you build a Cool tent, then all Cool animals’ point upgrades to ten and so on. In its turn, the Amenity has three stages for each type, level upgrades with each stage, and further stage you reach the higher level you get. 

You can build the Tree Swing when the Cute Tent is crafted and improved three times. Also, the Swing raises the maximum friendship level for Cute animals to 15. When you improve the Swing for five times, the building of Merry-Go-Round will become available, and this action will boost Cute level to its highest peak – 20 points. 

New Amenity and each upgrade cost many time and resources. But it counts as an unveiling that brings friendship points to the animals. Visitors may not correspond to the Amenity type for getting points on the unveiling party. 

What’s the Benefit of Raising Animals’ Level Caps?

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When you achieve the 10th level, animals will reward you for with resources for their requests. If the animal usually gives you two points of Steel, at the 10th level you will get five sheets of Steel. You can reach this goal quickly, especially if you regularly increase your friendship level and receive from animals extra rewards for completing their requests.

You can earn unique items by increasing friendship level with animals. Many of them have special requests on the level 10 - 15 (any animal has its own level) that unlock different unusual items. For example, Billiard Table or Cat Tower which you can not get until upgrading to that level. At the 20th level, you can wail a special surprise from animals – every animal will present you a portrait of itself. 

Amenity Logistics

In contradistinction to Furniture which has 3 crafting steps, there is one Amenity item that can be created at a time. You need to choose a place in your Campsite where Amenity will be located after ordering. Then it will be placed pink and blue construction tarp which will be there until you complete the building. 

When the construction already created, you can change its location, to move or replace it with another Amenity. If you move the Amenity away and this space will be empty, and it could not be used again, so you’ll never put the Furniture there. Animals will use the Amenities at your Camp the same way they use Furniture. They can have lunch at the Picnic Set, relax in the Tents, and enjoy the Tree Swing. 

The Amenities' benefits become unlocked after its building. You will save your level progress, and the max level cap increase even you remove the Amenity or upgrade it. All the animals are under the influence even they are not live in your Campsite or will never visit it. 

Which Amenities Should I Build?

While you're developing in the game, you will build every point of the Amenity. Of course, it requires a lot of time and resources, but if you want to increase your game’s possibilities and reach the maximum friendship level, then you should to keep patience and do it. 

When you decided to build the Amenity will be better to create the type of depending on the highest friendship level. For example, if you have a lot of Cute animals with the top level or in close to it, we recommend you to build the Cute Amenity. The animal’s personality type could be seen in the Contacts tab in “Preferred Theme.” 

After the first Amenity was created and bonuses received then look at the other animals and choose the type of the next Amenity you will build. Continue these steps until you put all of four types of Amenities, then upgrade it. Open the Crafting menu, tap on Amenity that you want to choose. Make sure that your animals have the +5 friendship points for the unveiling before selecting the last Amenity. The maxed animals should be sent to the home, and the animals who can use the additional points should be invited.


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