Unveiling the Stealth Master's Arsenal: A Guide to Conquering Fortnite's New Quests in Chapter 5, Season 1

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This week in Fortnite, gamers are in for a thrilling expansion of quests, thanks to the arrival of the enigmatic Master of Stealth. While the array of quests might appear limited at first, especially for those who stick to the battle royale experience, a deeper dive reveals a wealth of additional tasks nestled within the Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival modes. Engaging with these offerings not only enriches the gameplay but also promises to shower players with XP, propelling them through the intricacies of the battle pass. 

Presently, the Snapshot storyline quests are on hiatus, but players can immerse themselves in the Kickstart quests that shine a spotlight on the season's new dynamics. Supplementing these are the reworked daily quests (now known as Match), the overarching progression quests (Milestones), and the familiar Weekly quests, which, in a new twist, drop in full weekly sets instead of being doled out in fragments.

The challenges for Week 8 demand stealth-laden gameplay, urging players to collect copious amounts of ammunition while in a crouched position and travel substantial distances using the Cardboard Box. Additionally, the objective is to deliver an impressive 1,500 damage to opponents from over 25 meters away. Team Rumble emerges as the ideal mode to attempt this, offering abundant opportunities to engage adversaries from afar.

While some quests are naturally accomplished throughout regular play, others require conscious effort and insider tactics to complete. With the current lack of in-game characters to assign quests, accessing the list of missions has become significantly more straightforward. Simply navigate to the quests section via the main or pause menu for a transparent layout of the tasks at hand, including the capability to track the progress of specific challenges. Persisting in quest completion will award substantial XP, unlocking a host of enticing rewards.

Unlockables and Challenges - The Adventure Begins

Unlockables and Challenges - The Adventure Begins

For players new to the unique offerings and locales of Chapter 5, the Kickstart quests act as an ideal introduction. The range of quests under this bracket includes:

- Inflicting damage on opponent players (1,500)
- Hitching a ride on the Train (1)
- Finding and searching a Fortnite Weapon Case (1)
- Consuming a Shield Potion and utilizing a Medkit (2)
- Hurdling at different named locations (3)
- Covering distance in a Whiplash (1,000)
- Helping with the collection of a Society Medallion (1)
- Exploring fishing spots (3)
- Modifying a Fortnite weapon at a Mod Bench (1)
- Conquering Match Quests (5)

Match Quests: A Revolutionary Approach

The reinvention of Daily quests into Match quests has modified the way players engage with these tasks. At the initiation of each match, the game prompts players to choose one Match quest from an offering of three. This selected quest locks in upon landing on the island. Similar to their predecessors, completing each of the initial three Match quests within a 24-hour span comes with a 15K XP bonus.

The Stealth Legend Emerges

The introduction of the Fortnite Solid Snake set brings quests that unlock an array of Metal Gear-themed cosmetics. A detailed guide is available for those seeking information on the rewards. Below is the full list of quests associated with unlocking these coveted items:

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 game episode

First Page of Challenges

- Take cover inside a Fortnite Cardboard Box for a duration of 10 seconds
- Close-range damages to opponents, achieving a total of 250
- Executing damage with explosive items, aiming for at least 50
- Attacking opponents with assault rifles to accumulate 500 in damage
- Neutralizing security cameras or turrets, with a total of two required
- Accomplishing four of the tasks on the first page

Second Page of Daring Feats

- Deal 2,500 damage to foes using a weapon equipped with a suppressor
- Apply EMP Stealth Camo on three separate occasions
- Make use of any hiding spot across five different matches
- Assist in the cracking of Vaults or the hacking of Train Heist chests three times
- Manage to harm various enemy players before they have a chance to retaliate, targeting ten individuals
- Successfully complete all five missions on the second page

Embark on a Season-long Fortnite Quest Adventure

Fortnite's Weekly quests have made their return to the classic format that fans are accustomed to. This setup ensures that the quests will remain active until the current season concludes, offering longevity to each mission set. Rather than expiring after a week, and unlike previous seasons, there are no additional bonus trials. Instead, players can eagerly dive into completing all six tasks that roll out weekly. Below is a breakdown of the diverse goals set by Fortnite for these Weekly quests:

Fortnite game Quest Adventure

Week 1 Challenges:

- Secure a collection of uncommon firearms (10)
- Vanquish opponents with weapons equipped with iron sights (15)
- Express gratitude to the bus driver (5 times)
- Pay a visit to every named area on the map (11 in total)
- Build up your shield reserves (2,000 points)
- Undertake a Train Heist and seize the floating island's Capture Point (2 objectives)

Second Week's Endeavors:

- Stay active until you're among the last 50 players (once)
- Hit adversaries using Cluster Clingers (10 times)
- Conduct searches on containers across various matches (5)
- Gather ammunition in named locations (3,000 units)
- Reload various armaments (100 times)
- Inflict harm on opponents while aboard the Train (500 points of damage)

Week 3 Objectives:

- Journey while on the Train (500 meters)
- Replenish your health meter (200 points)
- Lend a hand in taking down Boss characters (3)
- Aid in the search for Cash Registers or Safes (5)
- Deal damage using assault rifles (5,000 points)
- Attack foes while employing a Ballistic Shield (200 points of damage)

Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 game Journey

Fourth Week's Challenges:

- Make stops at different train stations (5)
- Remove opponents from the game while you're airborne (3)
- Strike opponents with ranged attacks while perched on structures (500 points of damage)
- Take down architectural structures or objects (100 total)
- Collect the weapons dropped by vanquished foes in various prominent locations (5)
- Land on the train and eliminate an adversary before disembarking (once)

Fifth Week Missions:

- Inflict harm on enemies within three seconds after a sprint (100 points of damage)
- Retrieve Rare or higher-grade weapons from a Hot Spot (7)
- Forage for edible items (10 total)
- Discover and acquire an Epic or better-quality item before initiating an attack (once)
- Equip yourself with a fully augmented weapon in different matches (3)
- Hit an opponent with three distinct weapons in a single encounter (3 times)

Week 6 Pursuits:

- Obtain Ballistic Shields during multiple matches (3)
- Enter and operate different vehicles (3)
- Utilize zip lines, wires for grinding, or ascenders (5)
- Enjoy foodstuffs while traveling as a vehicle passenger (3)
- Top up your vehicle's fuel tank before reaching the top 25 players (75 units of fuel)
- Vanquish back-to-back opponents without reloading your weapon (twice)

The game Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 episode

Seventh Week's Tasks:

- Touchdown at both Fencing Fields and Reckless Railways (2)
- Land-scoped weapon shots to the head in different games (3)
- Scour through containers (30 in total)
- Cover ground by sliding on snowy terrain (100 meters)
- Amass 150,000 points performing tricks on Fortnite Dirt Bikes in one go (once)
- Successfully strike opponents utilizing the Grapple Blade (25 times)

Eighth Week's Assignments:

- Go to Rebel's Roost and Ruined Reels (2)
- Gather ammunition while in the crouched position (200 units)
- Engage in the acquisition of items from in-game characters across multiple mats
- Complete Match Quests (6 > 120)
- Deal damage to enemy players (5,000 > 100,000)
- Eliminate enemy players (25 > 500)
- Survive against players (500 > 10,000)
- Endure Storm Circles (25 > 500)
- Politely thank the Bus Driver (10 > 200)
- Traverse the map (10,000 > 200,000)

These quests lay out a roadmap to a saga of galvanizing Fortnite adventures that include surviving the high-stakes competition of the Storm Circles and outlasting the opposition for Priza Llama backblings. The Survivor Medal guide can provide an in-depth look into these quests. Similarly, the Fortnite Milestones quests offer extended objectives that progress over 20 stages, each with a reward of 5,000 XP upon completion. This long-term pursuit ranges from the accumulation of Accolades to activating Augments (coming soon), collecting currency, and traversing vast distances across the Fortnite landscape.

This comprehensive guide should equip you with the necessary know-how to navigate the new quest landscape in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, enabling you to embrace your inner Stealth Master and reap the rewards that await.


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