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Solitaire Card Games is a free collection of solitaires available in one package. This game was played in ancient times with the real cards, but now we have its mobile version with several degrees of difficulty and various tasks. As you know, this activity is able to train your brain and make you relax and enjoy solving puzzles which can be rather complicated. You are suggested to develop your own strategy. The game has no age restrictions and can be played on the go.

Storyline 10/10

You can be involved in this title as long as you want because there are tons of cuts of cards. In order to start, you should know the general rules, but be aware that every game can have peculiarities. Anyway, you will see the screen with cards. Use it to form several piles placing every next card face up. It sounds easy but there are plenty of requirements adding to that simple action and that provides diversity.

For instance, you can draw just a card or three cards. You can make a single tap or just drag and drop a card to move it to the place you suppose appropriate. There are various options facilitating the process like the ability to undo any number of actions if you have made a mistake. Also, you can apply the Auto-collect feature meaning that you can start new games without clicking any button. The screen will be renewed immediately after you are over with the previous game. Track your success looking through the stats. There are even hints which are available for free and allow you to see the solution of the confusing puzzle. Follow the Daily Challenge and get the bonuses for the successful completing.

Unfortunately, you will be interrupted for advertisement and that is annoying, but will not prevent you from playing this addictive game, which allows you to think and at the same time it does not create any tension. Play in portrait or landscape modes and set different languages provided on the list.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The game is designed on the basis on the usual classic solitaire sample. The graphics are simple and familiar. The clean layout does not have a lot of additional elements – just those tools which you need to enjoy the exciting moments. There are nice backgrounds to choose from. Enjoy animations, cool card faces, and backs which are customizable. You can choose any style like the classic, wood, diamond, golden, animal, flower, candy, etc. You are enabled to choose the decorative effects to adjust the game to your preferences. Try this title with the left-handed and right-handed layouts. While playing, you can listen to the nice soundtracks or switch the sound off.

Author: Solitaire Fun
Latest Version: 2.9.502
Publish Date: 2020-07-26
Size: 28M

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