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Warframe review

Warframe for iOS and Android is not a mobile version of the popular console and PC game. It’s a mobile companion app with a wide range of features for remote participation in the game. It’s a source of the latest news, instant notifications, and alerts. Besides, it’s a full-fledged control station for drones, gear, and companions. You can download the Warframe client for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

Storyline 9/10

The mobile client for Warframe offers you much more than just remote operations with the gaming account. Let’s go step by step. First of all, you can edit your account details, including your in-game nick. It also views how much credits and experience points you have at the moment. In the News section, you can overview the feed with the latest updates in the universe of Warframe. It includes all important updates and upcoming changes. Next, you can audit your inventory to evaluate your chances to win in the next operation and to prepare for the next operation to the full. Another option of the inventory is the glossary. You can use it to learn facts about units and compare them.

The Companion Manager lets you shower your Kubrows and Kavats. It’s an excellent opportunity to keep them ready to fight. You can also keep all companions in Stasis to preserve them for delayed action. If you lack resources for the next step, try to command Extractor Drones. Now they’re available right from the app and let you mine resources, including Orokin cells, Neurodes, and others. Using the Nightwave feature, you can also review your current completion rates and ranks. Moreover, you are allowed to view the upcoming awards! 

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Warframe is simple to browse and use on the go. All the main features are easily accessible from the hidden menu on the left. Swipe from left to right to call it or press the icon with 3 stripes on the top left corner. Quick access to the chat and social feed are placed on the opposite side. Every section of the app has a unique blurred background that demonstrates a corresponding place from the original game. 

The Warframe client takes it seriously so that the background soundscape won’t distract you from important tasks in the app. It’s very exciting to spend 20-40 minutes, exploring the app if you’re away from your PC or console, so a good custom soundtrack may come in handy. Just turn it on in any other app and enjoy perfect gameplay.

Author: Digital Extremes
Latest Version: 4.3.7
Publish Date: 2020-05-20
Size: 54.1 MB

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