Top Ten Video Games Tailored for Enthusiasts of Roman History

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For history aficionados, video games offer an immersive and interactive method to explore diverse eras and cultures. Notably, the Roman era, with its grandeur, warfare, and complex sociopolitical structure, has lured game developers for years. So, if you're a fan of Roman history with a gaming interest, this article delves into the top ten video games designed with a setting or narrative rooted in the Roman historical domain. These games promise a marvelous marriage of Romans' historical richness and engaging gameplay mechanics, serving as a gateway to dive into the past.

1. Total War: Rome 2

Strategy gaming enthusiasts who also hold a soft spot for Roman history are sure to find impressive value in "Total War: Rome 2". This paragon of the Total War franchise allows players to manage societal aspects of the Roman Empire, like economy, politics, and culture, while also leading troops into beautifully rendered real-time battles. The game provides historical accuracy merged with stunning graphical detail and the day-to-day realities of managing an empire. It keeps the balance between the macro scale of the statecraft and the micro-scale of the battlefield, perfectly capturing the grandeur and complexity of Rome.

2. Ryse: Son of Rome

"Ryse: Son of Rome" provides a more personal narrative, charting the story of a Roman centurion in a visceral, action-packed setting. With its addictive hack-n-slash gameplay, polished graphics, and captivating storyline, players will virtually step into the armor of a Roman soldier. While the game has arcade-style elements rather than a strict focus on realism, its vibrant depiction of Roman architecture, environments, and military incursions breathes life into history.

Ryse Son of Rome

3. The Age of Decadence

In "The Age of Decadence," players gain a unique view of the decline of the Roman Empire. It's a turn-based, hardcore role-playing game (RPG) that focuses on a deep branching storyline and character development. Players are challenged with intricate choices and consequences, and the game offers a variety of ways to navigate through diplomacy, stealth, or brute force, making it a vivid and complex historical tapestry.

4. Caesar III

One mustn't overlook "Caesar III" when discussing Roman-themed games. As a city-building game, players must strategize to create thriving metropolises within the heart of the Roman Empire. Balancing the city's economy, ensuring citizen happiness, and preventing invasions are only some of the numerous tasks that players must consider. With its engaging gameplay and rich attention to detail, it has won the hearts of fans worldwide and remains a classic in the genre.

5. Europa Universalis: Rome

"Europa Universalis: Rome" is a grand strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive, renowned for its immersive and complex historical games. Set during the time of the Roman Republic, this game excels in diplomacy and statecraft simulation, offering players a novel way to view the Roman world's intricate socio-political landscape.

Europa Universalis Rome

6. Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion

As an expansion to "Rome: Total War," "Barbarian Invasion" allows players to experience the later period of the Roman Empire through military campaigns set against the dramatic backdrop of the empire's fall. By including various migratory tribes as playable factions, the game provides a unique perspective on this turbulent period in Roman history.

7. Praetorians

"Praetorians" is one of the best classic real-time strategy games that offers a purely military-focused experience. Players command Roman legions and face off against historical enemies like the Gauls, Egyptians, and the titular Praetorians. The game requires strategic planning, resource management, and flawless execution on the battlefield to succeed, effectively demonstrating Rome’s brilliant military strategies.

8. CivCity: Rome

"CivCity: Rome" takes inspiration from both the Civilizations series and the Caesar series, resulting in a game that excellently combines city-building and empire management. Players get to build and manage their cities, research new technologies, train armies, and expand their borders. The game provides a panoramic view of the Roman Empire's operation, from small details to comprehensive aspects.

CivCity Rome

9. Imperator: Rome

"Imperator: Rome" is another brainchild of Paradox Interactive, offering a multi-faceted game experience. It combines elements of city building, grand strategy, and military escalation. One of the notable features of this game is how well it creates economy and society, with detailed mechanics showcasing the interplay of races, cultures, and religions within the empire.

10. Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance

Lastly, "Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance" is a hack-and-slash action game that gives you the thrill of the Roman gladiatorial arenas. It may not be a direct historical experience, but it provides a fun detour into the Colosseum's violent world. The game features an array of enemies and boss battles, with an emphasis on fast-paced and brutal combat, offering history fans a taste of Roman spectacle.


To sum up, these ten video games stand out in the world of historical gaming, especially for aficionados of Roman history. With these games, players are not just witnessing history but actively participating and influencing it, giving a newfound appreciation for the interweaving elements that shaped the Roman era. Whether you're more into city-building, epic battles, or personal narratives, there's a Roman history-themed game waiting for you. So, game on, and take a trip back to ancient Rome right from your gaming screens!


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