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296.3 MB review is a fun racing game where you are expected to go down a waterslide avoiding the blocks and drops of water. It is designed in a touchy way being filled with bright colors and sunny but not realistic surroundings which are still pleasing eyes. It makes you try to complete the level again and again. The game is extremely simple and can be easily played on the go.

Storyline 10/10

Here you will go down the water slide being lubricated with water which will push you at the same time speeding up the things. The slides are long and of a serpentine shape which will change your speed every time you reach a curve. And as far as your goal is to be the first who reaches the end of the water slide, you should consider all those details and avoid the reasons slowing you down.

There are different ways to win. You can prevent other players from beating you by bumping them during the races. You will get a lot of fun playing this vivid game full of laugh and sun. Even if you do not usually like racing opting for other titles, just launch this game and you will get engaged in it for hours. It will definitely change your preferences because it brings a new concept and creates the joyful atmosphere. There are different levels with an increasing difficulty. But the goal will be the same – you must land the first.

You will navigate a character that is going to have some rest and slide down a waterpark slide. The park is full of visitors on a sunny summer day and he will go down with a lot of other participators of the process. Be ready for the long spiral slide coming from the sky. Are you ready to start and come first? There are a lot of strategies to achieve the result. Jump off the track whenever you want and try to land on a lower level overtaking everyone. Also, it is possible to push the others off the track and get an advantage over them. Compete with other players and get a high rating in the championships!

As to the mechanics, the character slides down automatically. You should steer him giving the direction you need. You can take a risk and make a sudden turning and fail to go into the curve going beyond the bounds of the waterslide and hover until you land again but much lower on the slide trimming off the distance. In order to race on the water slide, you should hold the left mouse button. The controls are responsive and you will master them quickly.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The graphics are simple but well-done with vivid colors creating the correspondent mood. You will not find the realistic humans here but there is no need in faces and smiles. The vital point is riding and the appearance of the characters does not matter.

Author: Voodoo
Latest Version: 2.4
Publish Date: 2020-06-15
Size: 296.3 MB

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