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Geometry Dash review

Geometry Dash is a hardcore 2D platform arcade game by Robert Topala, also known as RobTop Games. This unstoppable side-scrolling adventure will put your speed of reaction and attentiveness to the test. If you enjoy tough challenges like this, you can get Geometry Dash on Google Play and the App Store. The Lite version with fewer levels is available for free. It remains the 7th best-selling game on the App Store in 5 years after the initial release. 

Storyline 9/10

There no actual story behind Geometry Dash. Its gameplay revolves around completing levels with numerous obstacles that match the pace of awesome soundtracks. Everything you need to control the square character is tapping the screen in time to keep jumping to the rhythm. The game doesn’t give you the right for mistakes. It means that you must go through all obstacles in a single try. If the character dies, you have to start from the very beginning. Levels are usually not too long but require extreme concentration and a sense of rhythm on a basic level.

During the game, you have to master controlling various characters that can jump, fly up, or change their direction when you tap the screen. However, you can’t control the speed or stop them. There are 7 vehicle modes that can reverse the camera view, or even add one more character to make your mission even harder. 

When the main campaign is complete, you can enjoy several DLCs or try millions of levels created by other users. Moreover, the paid version provides you with access to the level editor. You can use it to create challenges of any difficulty. The editor provides all objects and physical features that are available to Robert Topala in a simplified version. Unfortunately, if you want to create something similar to DLC levels, you’ll have to study some coding. 

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Although Geometry Dash is a game, it has the highest rank amongst all music apps on the App Store! The original soundtrack for the game was created by 11 pro-level DJs from Sweden and other European countries. The line up includes Waterflame, F-777, MDK, Boom Kitty, DJ Nate, DJVI, and other well-recognized names. Besides, you can upload royalty-free tracks from Newgrounds to use them for your own levels. 

Similarly to the gameplay, the visual side was inspired by The Impossible Game. However, GD is much more vivid and detailed than its predecessor. The title features catchy neon graphics, realistic physics, smooth camera work, and robust particle animation. You can also unlock hundreds of character skins to customize the look. 

Author: RobTop Games AB
Latest Version: 2.11
Publish Date: 2020-06-18
Size: 97 MB

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