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Brawl Stars review

Brawl Stars is free to play MOBA, where your main goal to shoot all your opponents and receive the maximum number of stars and points. The game was made by Supercell for mobile platforms only and was released in 2018. In some moments, Brawl Stars reminds you of Clash Royale, by its boxes and ability to created clubs. There are numerous modes and quests that every player will love.


Brawl Stars offers you 29 characters to try. Of course, once you picked the character, you have to hold him, at least during the match. At the beginning of the game, you receive one character. And 19 other characters can be received by opening the boxes, while other 9 will be opened to you after you gather enough trophies.

In the game, you are playing either against other players or AI. You receive trophies for every win. These trophies level you up. However, the higher you climbed, the bigger risks you take. If you lose at the beginning of the game you don’t lose any of your trophies, but on the higher levels you can lose up to 6 trophies.

Each of the characters of “brawlers” has its own style of attacks and passive power. There are numerous modes like:

  • Bounty mode, with 2 players have to collect stars;
  • Heist mode, where your team has to attack another, protecting your own goods at the same time;
  • Gem Grab mode offers your team to search and gather 10 gems before your competitors;
  • Showdown mode pushes 10 players against each other to see who will be the last standing winner.
  • Brawlball mode is a game for two teams with 3 players each. You have to score two goals against your opponents.

Graphics and Sound

After the game was released, it quickly became popular. The first month brought developers $63 million. Partly, it can be explained by various modes, interesting quests, and the original gameplay in general. However, we can’t simply underestimate the game’s amazing graphics. It is vivid, attracting, and at the same time not really difficult. The combination of intensified colors of sceneries and greatly made characters lures thousands of players every day. Ad for the sound, it suits well to the graphics and increases the level of greatness. There are so many objects that may fascinate collectors, like skins, stars, maps, limited supplies, and gems.


Brawl Stars was originally made for mobile platforms, with the consideration of Android and iOS phones’ specifics. The controls are easy to learn, and simple to use. There is a brief explanation of all your moves from the characters of Brawl Stars. The explanation is accompanied by the example of the move you need to do with your fingers. All the scores and your vital indicators are hanging above your head. You also see the similar information above the heads of your rivals.

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