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Earn to Die 2 review

Earn to Die 2 is a single-player mobile game where you will drive your car trying to escape from the zombie apocalypse. In order to reach a recovery ship, you should overpass tons of obstacles travelling through the cities full of zombies. Everything you have is a car and some money. Your goal is to survive! The title is really fun, being full of plenty of alternate routes which should be found and explored. I promise that you will laugh at various bizarre situations and have zombie-flinging fun while playing it.

Storyline 10/10

Your goal here is to travel from the west coast of America to Florida, bypassing the obstacles, barricades, and crazy dangerous creatures. You are suggested to complete ten levels consisting of two checkpoints each. When you level up, you get a new vehicle, forgetting the previous one with its performances and upgrades, which you have earned during the completed level. You can find it annoying, but it’s all in the game. You will start over, and it does not mean that by leveling up, you will get the faster or better car.

Here, you will enjoy the powerful Story Mode, which is five times longer than the similar one available in the previous release. Moreover, now you will have to complete the multi-tiered levels. You can prefer a decayed highway, underground tunnels, or a way through abandoned factories, but there is no chance to avoid zombies, you know. They are everywhere on your way whichever route you choose. Still, there is an option allowing you to unlock and upgrade various vehicles like a fire truck or sports car. You can equip them with different tools, boosters, and armors and create a real monster being able to clear up your way through thousands of zombies. This release provides you with fully destructible vehicles, meaning that you can smash them and fail to complete the mission. So, drive thoughtfully.

There are a lot of side tasks that should be performed. For instance, you will go for a long time and run out of fuel at some point. At that moment, you will get the score in accordance with the distance you have passed. This score can be converted into in-game money spent on upgrades and fueling up. You can choose the larger fuel tank or better tires, which will reduce the consumption.  But in this case, you have to refuse to upgrade. You should decide what is better for you start a run to the next checkpoint and complete the level.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The graphics are great in this game. All levels are well crafted having particular themes and plenty of unique paths. You will enjoy the huge number of zombie designs. There are regular zombies and really unbelievably huge creatures. The mechanics are constantly being upgraded.

Author: Not Doppler Pty Limited
Latest Version: 1.3
Publish Date: 2020-06-16
Size: 102.8 MB

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