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Overwatch review

Overwatch is a team-based 6v6 multiplayer shooter where the characters will die rather often. Most gamers without any experience will understand the game in almost no time, and spend hours trying to uncover all its details and then mastering the strategies. This title manages to elevate the genre to a strategic sport.

Storyline 10/10

You will navigate a giant gorilla travelling around and fighting against enemies using its guns with various effects. You will meet different characters including a dangerous cowboy, a robot being a tank at the same time, an Australian pyromaniac setting traps. Be ready to shoot, freeze the enemies, fly, teleport, construct defenses, and summon a ghost of a dragon which will help you to win. You are allowed to change the characters in order to benefit from your strategy to the highest extent and if there is a need you are allowed to change the tactics. Your key objective is to defend your structures and capture the structures of the enemy. Remember that there is no purpose to eliminate the opponent by all means.

In this game, the teamwork does matter. There is solo but you would not better fight alone. Your mates will support you. On the contrary, you should protect and heal them if you want to get the best results of your campaign. While playing you can pick up the additional characters and work together. There are various kinds of weapon which are useful and powerful being applied in the right situation. And you are suggested to use 12 maps tied to a particular objective type meaning that the constructions located on them suit the content.

There are the modes being rather analogous with each other. You will attack a particular object on the map and keep it under control during some time trying to hold the enemy off. The Competitive mode is intended for skilled players being more complicated. You can prefer the Arcade mode where all the variants are rotated and you can try the Deathmatch, Low Gravity and Capture the Flag modes. The game just feels great to play delivering plenty of details. It is full of variety in every moment and that peculiarity makes it impressive. But you are not suggested to play the single-player story mode.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

The title is definitely properly designed with the excellent detailed maps. There are amazing characters and unique ways which they use to interact with each other. The developer really brought a high degree of polish to its product. Here the locations and cast look like real places and people but designed in animation style.

Genre: game
Publish Date: 2016-05-24
Size: 13 GB

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