How to Write a Perfect Poem For Natsuki in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

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Given the wide success of their horror dating sim featuring Natsuki, Monika, Sayori, and Yuri, it's expected that Team Salvato would expand on that success with Doki Doki Literature Club Plus. With six new side stories and tons of new unlockable content, players have lots of new content to look forward to in the Literature Club, including its origin story.

As expected in the literature club, you will need to write poems; if you hope to impress a specific girl, you will need to write poems that match her preferences. Natsuki, the stubbornly cute manga-loving member of the Literature Club, is a little more complex than the dark and moody Yuri, but with a bit of listening, you can woo anyone you choose.

How to Write Poems for Natsuki in Doki Doki Literature Club

Think Bright, Cheerful, Girly, & Cute

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Doki Doki Literature Club Plus will automatically prompt you when it is time to write a poem for the next Literature Club meeting. In these sections, you will not need to come up with things on your own. Instead, you will be forced to choose words from a pre-generated word bank. For those hoping to impress Natsuki, she prefers sweet and cutesy words, so it should be easy to weed out which words she’ll like most.

However, for those having a little trouble, here are the words she will favor:

Character Words Favored
Natsuki Anger, Anime, Blanket, Boop, Bouncy, Bubbles, Bunny, Candy, Cheeks, Chocolate, Clouds, Cute, Doki-Doki, Email, Fantasy, Fluffy, Games, Giggle, Hair, Hop, Headphones, Heartbeat, Jump, Jumpy, Lipstick, Kawaii, Kiss, Kitty, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Melody, Milk, Mouse, Nibble, Nightgown, Papa, Parfait, Peace, Pink, Playground, Poof, Pout, Pure, Puppy, Ribbon, Swimsuit, Shiny, Shopping, Skipping, Socks, Spinning, Sticky, Strawberry, Sugar, Summer, Twirl, Waterfall, Whisper, Whistle, Valentine, Vanilla.

Aiming for the Perfect Natsuki Poem

If you manage to construct a poem that consists entirely of these words, you will be able to receive the Perfect! Natsuki achievement. Note that deviating from this list will result in results that Natsuki will not be a fan of and could even lead you to earn the favor of another girl altogether. Since many of the girls have several overlapping favorite words, it can be easy to mix up their preferred words or even accidentally write neutral poems in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus.

Understanding the Word Preferences

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While choosing the right words can be slightly confusing at first, knowing the general type of words each girl likes should make it easier to write a poem they will enjoy without needing to constantly reference a list. Writing poems for her and choosing the right dialogue options will let players go down Natsuki’s game route and woo her in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, so be sure to stay focused if you hope to win her over.

Strategic Word Selection

When you’re in the process of selecting words for your poem, keep in mind that Natsuki's preferences lean heavily towards themes that are bright, cheerful, and cute. Words that evoke imagery of everyday joys and simple pleasures will resonate most with her. For instance, words like "Bubbles," "Candy," "Kitty," and "Marshmallow" are bound to catch her attention. These words not only reflect her bubbly personality but also her love for manga and all things kawaii.

Avoiding Missteps

It’s equally important to avoid words that align more closely with the other characters. For example, words that embody darker or more complex emotions might appeal to Yuri, while words that evoke a sense of nostalgia or melancholy might be more to Sayori’s liking. Keeping a mental note of these preferences will help prevent missteps and ensure you’re crafting a poem that Natsuki will love.

Experimenting with Combinations

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Don’t be afraid to experiment with different word combinations. The beauty of writing poems in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus lies in the creative freedom it offers. While you should aim to use words from Natsuki’s favored list, try to mix and match to see what works best. This trial and error method will not only help refine your poem-writing skills but also provide a deeper understanding of what makes Natsuki tick.

The Role of Dialogue Choices

In addition to crafting the perfect poem, your dialogue choices during interactions with Natsuki play a significant role in winning her favor. Pay close attention to her reactions and choose responses that align with her personality. This holistic approach – combining the right words in your poems with thoughtful dialogue choices – will increase your chances of successfully wooing Natsuki.

Unlocking Natsuki's Route

Following these guidelines will help you unlock Natsuki’s route in the game. As you progress, you’ll discover more about her character and backstory, which adds depth to your interactions. The more you engage with her through poems and conversations, the more invested you’ll become in her storyline.

Enjoy the Journey

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Remember, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the journey. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus offers a rich narrative experience that goes beyond just winning favor with the characters. Take the time to explore the various storylines, appreciate the intricate writing, and immerse yourself in the world Team Salvato has created.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to writing the perfect poem for Natsuki in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus. Happy writing and enjoy your time in the Literature Club!


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