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Gardenscapes review

Gardenscapes is a diverse puzzle game by Playrix. It’s based on the traditional match-3 gameplay invented by PopCap games in Bejeweled. But unlike all the games in the genre, Gardenscapes offers many more things to do between the levels. Do your best to renovate the haunted garden and turn it into a beautiful piece of heaven on Earth. Gardenscapes is available for you on the App Store and Google Play. 

Storyline 10/10

Gardenscapes offers you to dive into the world of professional gardening and renovate a beautiful abandoned garden in the suburbs. It’s located in a picturesque area with ponds and dense vegetation. Your mission is to get rid of rubbish, weeds, refurbish all the damaged constructions, and design hundreds of new items. Every location in the game is locked with a challenge. You have to complete one or many match-3 puzzles to unlock them one by one and achieve an opportunity to work in the garden without problems. 

The storyline of Gardenscapes is full of unexpected twists. Every in-game day is full of events and sudden acquaintances. It’s always fascinating to read dialogues between your butler Austin and visitors of the garden. The full narrative of Gardenscapes takes several hours of gameplay time, which is a lot of time for a mobile game! You have to solve hundreds of puzzles to pass, while developers will keep adding new levels and locations. 

Besides, you have to communicate with various gardening experts who will give you useful advice and help to achieve particular results in time. And what gardener can work without a pet aside? A cheering little animal will always be there to cheer you up. You can also invite your Facebook friends to the game and build a neighborhood. It’s o nice to help each other and progress faster!

Gardenscapes is available for free by default, but you can purchase some items for real money from your electronic wallet. However, it’s not a king of game with levels that are impossible to pass for free. You can simply turn off the microtransactions in settings and enjoy nearly endless free-to-play puzzle without long pauses for recharging. 

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Both the soundtrack and the soundscape in the Gardenscapes game are excellent. The garden looks alive due to high-quality sound effects that emulate wind, rushing water, and other natural sounds. The visuals are perfect too. The garden is so detailed and diverse that you’re not likely to remember all its sections after the first play. Moreover, it transforms as you progress, so get ready for frequent surprising changes. It’s still under your control, so try to make your best landscape design. 

Author: PLR Worldwide Sales Limited
Latest Version: 3.5.0
Publish Date: 2020-06-04
Size: 293.3 MB

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