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Plague Inc. review

Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy pandemic simulator that is extremely popular all over the world thanks to its unusual subject drawing attention to public health topics. You will work at the plague infection, creating its most dangerous and efficient version, which causes the fatal outcome quickly. But you should be sure that nobody is able to uncover your plans and find the vaccine is able to cure the aggressive disease. The game tells you a lot about the infections and the ways they impact the living organisms.

Storyline 10/10

You will find this simulator to be of very high quality. The plot is engrossing if I can say so. You will be immersed in a researching process and develop the basic infection, which will be mutated all the time and become more dangerous. It will spread more rapidly and infect more efficiently without chances for recovery. You will look for the best way to prevent the spread of the infection in a lot of countries; for instance, it can be bird migration.

When you start playing, the title will seem simple, but soon it will turn out to be challenging. You should keep a balance between spreading and chances to alert people to the fatal disease. It is important to make the infected people live long enough to contact with others and infect them, and at the same time, they should stay alive not too long so that they cannot understand the reason, bring in measures, and cease the pandemic.    

The game is well done, with innovative gameplay focused on mobile devices. It contributes to the development of the strategy genre and enhances mobile gaming, inviting you to be against the whole world. Are you strong enough to survive? If you are confused, you can benefit from the comprehensive tutorial system. In general, there are twelve disease types providing various strategies. You should master them and infect over 50 countries. Also, you will adapt thousands of events to your strategy. You will enjoy the rich functionality of the game allowing you to apply Full Save and Load options, the scoreboards, and a range of achievements.

The game is updated all the time. You will get the new infectious interfaces, scenarios, achievements, and more. The bugs are also removed with every update.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Here, you will enjoy the stunning graphics, which will look superb on retina displays of your mobile devices. The interface is highly polished, with all the details you need to have close at hand. On the screen, you will find clear commands and choices to continue playing. There is a selection of diseases displayed – just tap on the one you are going to develop and continue playing. The images are highly detailed and very realistic.

Author: Ndemic Creations LTD
Latest Version: 1.16.8
Publish Date: 2020-05-18
Size: 118.8 MB

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