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Garry's Mod review

Garry's Mod is a sandbox game where you are not suggested to achieve any particular goals. There are no scores or rewards also here. Download the app if you want to have fun playing without any requirements and limits. Enjoy this physics title which will entertain you without purpose.

Storyline 8/10

This game does not provide any story. You will not find any plot here with reasons for your actions. There are some rules which technically provide the tasks but you can perform them in any way you want or even refuse to do it. Here you are suggested to choose any of the tools delivered in the large amount. You should perform a task spending as much time as you need applying those items. So, you are welcome to build planes, houses, vehicles, ships, and more. The objects can be primitive or extremely complicated but in both cases, it does not mean that you should know the way how to build them correctly. You are free to do it as you think it appropriate. You will drive and paint, destroy and ruin – do almost anything you can imagine. In addition, you can even fight using different guns.

Plenty of features are available. And you should decide what you need to make your game entertaining. You can use maps when trying various modes and benefit from every opportunity this title provides. There is a pure Sandbox where you will travel around following the map you choose and meet various people. If you are tired of such mayhem and chaos, you can launch the Trouble in Terrorist Town Mode where there are rules and a kind of plot. Here someone kills people around. You should find the maniac and protect the inhabitants of the city. Switch between the modes and enjoy the contrast. It is possible to customize and modify almost everything here.

Be sure that you will master the controls quickly as far as they are similar to the ones of any other shooters. If you still feel confused, turn to the tutorial. It is possible to customize the controls in accordance with your preferences looking for the settings in the menu. The game invites you to join the community where all players share their skills and items which they have created. Garry’s Mod is a perfect time killer for those who do not want to think a lot while playing. The game can be replayed several times due to its depth and a great number of secrets and details.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Graphics are nice but cannot boast of a lot of details. The surroundings and people are not too realistic and that suits your activities as far as it does not matter what exactly you will build or create.

Author: Facepunch Studios
Genre: game
Publish Date: 2013-06-07
Size: 5 GB

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