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Bluey: The Videogame review

Bluey: The Videogame emerges as the digital playmate for the beloved Australian TV show's young and dedicated audience, promising to replicate the whimsical charm and heartfelt stories of the Heeler family's animated adventures. As we delve into this game adaptation, we discover whether it can truly capture the magic that has made the show a monumental success globally.

Stellar Visuals That Capture the Show's Essence

The game positively soars in its visual presentation. It resoundingly succeeds in adopting Bluey's distinctive 2D animation style, transforming the Heeler household and other familiar backdrops into enchanting 2.5D playgrounds. These well-crafted environments and spot-on character animations bring the vibrant world of Bluey to life, faithfully mirroring the show's appealing aesthetic. Adding to the visual fidelity is the original cast's voice work, which further immerses players into Bluey’s universe.

A Narrative of Treasure Hunting and Family Bonds

The game's narrative ventures into the territory of innocent fun, centering on a family treasure hunt during the school holidays, which effectively weaves in elements of familial bonding and childhood imagination. Characters like Uncle Stripe, Muffin, and Grandad Mort make endearing appearances that fans will appreciate. Embedded within this short series of episodes lies a potential lesson on values, albeit one that seems prematurely concluded in the game's brief storyline.

Gameplay: Good Intentions Meet Clumsy Execution

While the narrative and aesthetics promise much, the gameplay mechanics present a mixed bag. The designers aimed for simplicity, offering puzzles revolving around moving objects and modest platforming challenges. However, the execution turns out to be less than seamless, with object interaction proving cumbersome and platforming lacking finesse—challenges that can amplify the confusion of multiplayer sessions. Several minigames introduced throughout the experience also suffer from finicky controls and glitches, leading to an often fragmented and frustrating play dynamic.

A Scarcity of Content and Questionable Value

Unfortunately, the game reveals its Achilles' heel in its content offerings. With a downright scant runtime of roughly an hour and a meager four maps to explore, the game falls short of expectations for its retail price tag. The limited scale of the in-game world—lacking many beloved Bluey locales—combined with the absence of a satisfying conclusion to the treasure hunt, makes the game feel less like a fulfilling adventure and more like an unfinished sketch.

In Conclusion: A Diamond in the Rough For Bluey Enthusiasts

Bluey: The Videogame aims high but ultimately lands in a confusing middle ground. It skillfully captures the show's visual charm yet stumbles in its gameplay and value proposition. For young fans eager to immerse themselves in Bluey’s world interactively, the game may offer a fleeting joy. However, for those seeking an experience as profound and polished as the show itself, the game might not live up to such grand expectations.


  • The game's graphics capture the charm of the show with high fidelity.
  • Voice acting from the original cast adds authenticity to in-game characters.
  • Creates an immersive environment for fans of the Bluey universe.


  • The gameplay suffers from clunky mechanics and imprecise controls.

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Author: Artax Games.
Publish Date: 2023-11-17

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