Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an extremely popular competitive shooter. You will spend some time mastering it and get the skills you need to climb to the top. The game is enjoyable and has a lot of variabilities. It has a growing community of players who can play against other players for a price. Anyway, playing will provide a great experience for anyone who prefers competitive gaming. 

Storyline 10/10

There are two opposing sides in the game: Terrorist and Counter-Terrorists. It is clear that by choosing one of these sides, you will get the particular objectives and tools. Terrorists are expected to mine one of the two sites marked on the map. The opponents must prevent this event. If they are late and the bomb has been planted already, they should defuse it. There is a timer showing the time remaining until the bomb explodes. 

There are several modes and the standard one is the Bomb Scenario with most competitive matches. This is a multiplayer. Here you will defend and use a bomb site. There are 15 rounds developed in an elimination style. Each of them will be over when one player wins more rounds.

There is also the mission-based mode, Hostage, where the Terrorists will defend a hostage. The opponents will try to perform the rescue mission – in keeping with the best traditions of the mission-based modes. Also, you can try the Wingman, and Weapons Expert modes added later and introduce twists on the regular gameplay.

Choosing any mode, you will be involved in active teamwork. You will develop the plans and make decisions together and that will help you to behave effectively and win. Be ready to communicate verbally with other players, and discuss the maps you are going to play and the ways to navigate the map efficiently.

There are two ranking systems: Matchmaking Rank and XP Rank. The former is based on your skills. When you advance, you will get better performance and a higher ranking. The latter is based on various things, including your success in any of the game’s official game modes.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The graphics are not the best effort here. Still, the improved interface will allow you to feel more convenient and confident while navigating it. Also, you will enjoy a number of cosmetics like weapon skins which can be obtained by playing the game as a reward for your achievements or purchased with money in real life. The price is quite different from a dollar to $3 000. You can refuse these elements because they don’t offer any advantage for you to win.

The game can boast of the perfect sound design. The effects are of high quality and you will hear all sounds produced by enemies including their footsteps. The soundtracks can be replaced with the Music Kits which should be paid for.

Author: Valve
Genre: game
Publish Date: 2012-08-21

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